Wednesday 15 June 2011

I love mash! The 24 Hour Movie Mashup competition entries

The joyous task of judging the expertly mashed movie roleplaying games has begun! I've thrown myself into the reading but why should I do so alone, you should join in too, dear reader. I hear you say, "But why, Dr Lang? I have an evening in the pursuit of leisure on the croquet lawn, followed by a night cap at one's club!". Pray take a few moments to review the wares below, each slaved over by their starved and tired authors in just 24 hours!

If you're hungry for more information than the little tid-bits I've included here, then 1KM1KT regular, Jonathan Lavallee has been reviewing them as the competition progressed. To allow myself purity of judgement, I've not read the reviews yet but I am sure they're cracking. Jon even had a go himself! I've added a link to Jon's blog with each game.

Spade Vs Indy

Indiana Jones + The Maltese Falcon
Who could pit Sam Spade against Indiana Jones? Only the mad mind of Tamás "Evil Scientist" Kisbali. The game revolves around two core players: a private eye and a professor of archaeology who are pitted against each other. It is a non-co-operative goal driven game with all the flair of the 20s and 30s. The other players play supporting characters and the mechanics uses two decks of cards. Jon's Review

Ghost Runner The 9th Layer

Ghostbusters + Bladerunner
A Ghost Runner hunts ghosts that have been trapped into cybernetic shells. How utterly mind bendingly cool is that? It's 2099, there's been a global fisticuffs that's ended badly for everyone. Technology and corporations did rather well, though. The system is a mashup of Spirit of the Century with FATE and Aspect points too. A slick, stylish game indeed. We have Greg “Shinobicow” Schuste to thank for introducing that superb concept! Jon's Review

The Great Garbage War

Mars Attacks + Wall_E
Humans have are returning to the rubbish-filled earth to recolonise it. Unfortunately, the Martians have had the same idea. It's fat humans on hover chairs vs Green men with glass helmets and cute robots thrown into the mix. Alistair Morrison wraps this in a nice D6 dice pool mechanic serves on a simple but effective layout. Jon's Review


Alladin + Ghoastbusters
Hunt ghosts in the world of 1001 Arabian nights (with a Disney twist). You'll be packing untested, unlicensed nuclear accelerator oil lamp to run errands for Iago, who has his feathered ear to the spectral ground. Lightweight system of player-chosen traits, with D6 as the die and a target number to hit. Frankly, it's nuts and so might Jens Thuresson, its author, be. Jon's review.

A Fist Full of Darkness

Fist Full Of Dollars + Dark City
Set in the 19th Century, here you plunged into a dirty, bustling city. When "awoken", the clocks stop and you will find yourself amongst the alien race of The Examiners, who experiment on humanity in this stopped state. Patrick Gamblin blends some fascinating ideas with a dice pool mechanic. Short, sweet and delightful to read. Jon's review.

Alone in the Woods

Home Alone + Robin Hood: Men in tights
While Robin Hood is off womanising, the Merry Men are all wasted on grog and the Sheriff of Nottingham keeps sending in troops to the forest. All that's left to hold them back are the youngest of Robin's followers - a group of 13 year-olds. You. Mechanics follow the phases of Home Alone by planning, setup and then springing the traps. Another Greg “Shinobicow” Schuste game, he who cannot spend longer than 24 hours on an idea! Jon's review.

West Side Horror

West Side Story + Little Shop of Horrors
As a gang member, you need to find a monster and the down-on-his-luck guy who is feeding it. Jonathan Lavallee intertwines the two films brilliantly, you even create the monster in character generation. He uses the Geasa system, which fits well. Jon's thoughts on his game

All the king's men

Apocalypse Now + Robin Hood
"Every minute I stay in this room, I get weaker, and every minute Robin squats in the bush, he gets stronger". Under the employ of King John, you're going into the jungle forest to find Robin, who's gone rogue. Remarkably well researched take by Geoff Lamb. Uses an interesting dice pool mechanic with stress built in. Jon's review.

Princes of Arabia

Aladdin + Raiders of the Lost Ark
Aldo "Maledictus" Ojeda asks you to go thieving in Arabia as a member of the Thieves Guild. Magic is subtly woven in this light hearted take on 1001 Arabian Nights and the system is very, very light indeed. A wonderfully presented dive into the world of pinching stuff. It's short but of a very high quality. Jon's review.

The Droog Family Songbook

Clockwork Orange + The Sound of Music
Bloody hell, Nathan Russell. That is all. Bloody hell.

Jon's managed a review.


Aldo Ojeda said...

but... but where's my game D:

Rob Lang said...

GAH! Terribly sorry, maledictus - I was following the master list. I have updated the blog entry and the master list - it will not be missed!

My humble apologies!

Jensan said...

It's quite incredible what people come up with in just 24 hours - and not just the stories or mechanics, but also how they turn them into these PDF:s with nice layout and colours and pictures and whatnot.

It's crazy productive. And for free!

Aldo Ojeda said...

Thanks, Dr. Lang. I wouldn't like to be a judge, all this games are superb!

Rob Lang said...

Jens - with each competition we run, I am astounded by the breadth and depth of creativity we see. And in 24 hours too! The ticking clock focuses the mind.

Maledictus - Judging games is very, very hard indeed. Especially when the bar is set so very high. I am disappointed that I can give everyone a prize!

Unknown said...

Hey Rob, there's a review for Princes of Arabia up on the blog too if you want to link to that.

Rob Lang said...

Thanks Jon, fixed. :)

Rafão Araujo said...

Translate into Portuguese of Brazil, the Princes of Arabia, I'm currently translating the Djinbuster. My plan is to translate all these titles.

Check out the postings on my blog

(This text was translated by google)

Rob Lang said...

Rafael, that's great! Have you told the authors on They would love to know!

Rafão Araujo said...

Not yet, I'm doing slowly! Who is the organizer of the event? I am interested to do a national version of the event!

Rob Lang said...

The moderators on organised the event - which is me and a few others. Please do join and post there, the authors would love to know!