Friday 20 April 2012

24 Hour RPG Competition - Little Spaces

The 1km1kt 24 Hour RPG Competition - win £30 in amazon vouchers for writing a bit of madness in 24 hours!

They're at it again!

Ever thought of writing an RPG and couldn't find a boot up the rump to get you started? Ever wondered what £30 of Amazon Vouchers could buy you? Ever wondered what it would be like playing an RPG that was set in a really small space? Ever wondered what sleep deprivation felt like? Ever wondered what Rob says to his dearly beloved whenever £30 disappears from his account each year? Ever wondered?

Well, we're at it again! The Monkeys over at 1KM1KT (the première Free RPG community; you do know about 1KM1KT, don't you? Good... I'll continue...) have decided that a year is enough time for you all to have recovered from the brain bending exploits of the Movie Mashup Competition and get stuck into another 24 Hour challenge. Write an RPG in 24 hours. How hard can it be?

Little spaces, you say?

This year's theme is Little Spaces. We have thought long and hard and come up with a number of small geographies for you to set a game. Blend setting and system in 24 hours to give us that snug, cramped, claustrophobic feel of a packed in place to play. Fear falling from the Dirigible or cause mayhem in a Research lab, there is plenty of choice in the list. There are some other rules too and except writing it in 24 hours, they're all pretty easy. This year there isn't any need to shave yourself.

Come on in, the water's lovely!

There's no entry fee and if you're in your 30s with a family then you can blame being locked in a dark room for 24 hours on a mid-life crisis. They'll be thankful you emerged with a shiny new roleplaying game of brilliance and not wearing pink war paint and Hello Kitty lingerie.

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Game Chef 2012 begins on the 7th of April

GameChef provides me annual nonsensical joy as a huge number of games (often free) flood into the internets for our bewildered enjoyment. GameChef is a free to enter competition where you get given a theme and 4 ingredients to build a game around. The Chefnauts are tasked to do so in just 9 days. You have to submit by the end of the 15th of April or you're out of luck! At time of publishing the 2012 rules aren't up - the starting gun fires on the 7th of April.

You can find out more on the GameChef blog, join in the discussion on the official Forge forum (nice one, Vincent!) or have a look on 1KM1KT for previous entries.

I would love to enter (although cannot this year as Icar is gobbling up all my free time) and I heartily recommend you do.

Ever been a Chefnaut? What was it like? What was your game about? Going to try this year?