Wednesday 26 October 2011

Challenged? Need a challenge? How about NaGa DeMon?

Friend, philanthropist, 24 Hour Movie Mashup contest winner, fellow blogger and all round nice chap Nathan Russell likes a challenge. He also like to challenge others. Each year, the brave Ozzie co-ordinates the NaGa DeMon - National Game Design Month. Inspired by NaNoWriMo, where one writes a novel in a month, Nathan challenges you to write and play a game in a month!


Poppycock! I've seen droves of fearless philanthropists hammer out a playable game in 24 hours. Some of those will view this challenge as a trifle.

Do it because it is hard

Each and every reader will have a game they want to play gurgling inside them. It is the voice you can't silence, the thirst you cannot drench, the hunger you cannot satiate. Keeping it bottled up is not doing you any good; release it into the world, you will feel better for it. What better time than doing it with other like minded philanthropist?

This November, write a game. Play the game. Tell everyone about it.