Sunday 1 December 2013

Chatting about free RPGs in the first Monkey Hangout - now on YouTube

You know what's weird? I've been talking to Chainsaw Aardvark on 1KM1KT for 7 years and in my head he looks like an Aardvark in black and white, holding a chainsaw. That's weird. BUT WEIRD NO MORE! Chainsaw and some other luminaries from the Monkey community got together on Google Hangouts to chat RPGs. We got to actually talk face to face rather than waiting for a reply on a thread. It was delightful and refreshing and my face still hurts from smiling.

It was rough around the edges (I'd never done one before) but everyone threw themselves into the spirit of it and it was so wonderful to actually chat with people I've shared so much headspace with.

Thank you all for making time to join in!

Feedback please!

I'll be watching it through again soon, collecting links for the notes (I'll update this post and the YouTube video for posterity). I'd love to hear what you think of the Hangout. Did you like the format? Did we try to cover too much? Was it too slow? Too fast? Did we need to bring the sexy a bit more? All feedback welcome.