Monday 2 February 2009

Rob Lang bollockses it up, come forth and mock him

I thought it might be quite cool to ask John Kim, the curator of the simply superb List of Free RPGs, if he could recommend something to review. He suggested the game he's actually playing: Spirit of the Century SRD, the free version of the buyable Spirit of the Century. I thought bloody good idea. Thank you, John! 

So I set about reviewing the pulp action game in my usual way of skim-reading and ploughing deeper furrows through the novel bits (of which there were many). As I was screwing the lid back onto the pot of lyrical wax, I thought I'd confirm the statement 'based on the Fate system' with a handy link. So, I went and downloaded Fate (on my list for later) and realised with that grim, sinking feeling that I've reviewed the wrong bloody thing first. I should review Fate first. So, my SotC is put on pause while I read through the core rules and craft a review. My blatherings on SotC would make so much more sense after giving you Fate first. I'm a pillock.

Feel free to leave abusive comments.

Rather than wait for next Tuesday, I'll publish the Fate review as soon as I've finished it.


Tony Law said...

I'm confused. Are we supposed to mock you for reviewing the wrong product or for that gawd-awful lambchop/mustache combo you're sporting?

Zachary Houghton said...

Well, if it helps, at work today I almost sent an email that said "attached please find the attachment".

Rob Lang said...

@Tony. Either/or. I included the photo (from the work 70s themed christmas party) to make it easier.

@Zach. Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one to experience Tuesday brain fart. Thanks for the solidarity!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't dare mock you. Looking at that photo, you've got a real Leon the replicant from Bladerunner look happening, and he was an angry guy. :)

Rob Lang said...

@David - *teary* That's one of the... nicest... things... anyone has said about me... *sob*