Tuesday 27 January 2009

Follow The Free RPG Blog on Twitter

The Free RPG Blog now has a Twitter feed for all those little things that I want to mention but are too small to review and what to do if you have free stuff and want to get it on the blog. A housekeeping post, if you will.


There is a lot of freeness to be had out there on the internet. Lots of it warrants a full blown review and I have something of a queue patiently waiting. However, there are lots of bits and pieces, that do not really warrant their own review: links, resources, single blog entries or just ideas all need a place. Rather than wait six months and bundle them into a post, I decided to flagrantly copy RPG Blog 2 and create a Twitter feed.

Now, you have two options to subscribe to The Free RPG Blog:

Want something reviewed?

Although I do have a big list of things to review, if you have a free RPG and want to get it out there amongst my readership then send me a link or PDF to:

If your game isn't quite ready for the world, I'll give it a read through anyway and let you know what I'd like to see in it. I'd rather do that and keep the blog posts for positive, constructive reviews of ready to play free stuffs (there's that word again) rather than using it to destroy something that needs some more work!


Gleichman said...

For myself, I'd rather see the other comments here as well. Part of the idea that blogs are sort of 'stream of thought' things.

But I can see your side of it too.

Btw, I think you're doing a great job with the free rpgs out there. Back in ancient history I used to do something similar in Usenet.

It's hard, and impossible to keep up. You're doing good.

Rob Lang said...

Oh yes! I don't intend on using Twitter as a form of conversation. It's just for me to quickly blat up links to small things I want to share. I love the stream of consciousness (a very Python idea) that you get in blogs and anything of substance will come onto the blog in the usual way.

I'm glad you're enjoying The Free RPG Blog. Someone really needs to thank those people writing all these cool games and giving them away for free. It happens to be me at the moment. The two best ways are to play them and to give them a good read. I can't prise my players from my campaign game or I would run them too!

Many thanks for the comments, gleichman - I have been enjoying your blog too - I do hope you keep it going.