Sunday 17 July 2011

Vote for Old School Hack for best Free RPG at the Ennies

It's your turn to give something back to the philanthropists. It's your turn to help spread the word of free RPGs. Do it by voting for Old School Hack for best free RPG at the Ennies this year.


I believe that the best free RPG award should go to a philanthropist who has created and shared their work for the love of doing so. I do not think it should go to a commercial 'starter ruleset', which is nothing more than a cut-down marketing ploy. With some many superb free RPGs released each year, I think it is tragic that the Ennies rarely manage to have a category brimming with free goodness.

The only truly free RPG is Old School Hack, which I am sure you agree is a delightful game* that harks back to the early days of roleplaying but at the same time adds a modern verve to it.

Want to do more?

Got a blog? Got a website? Do you inhabit forums? Then you can make a difference by going on and on about how Old School Hack is the only truly free RPG in the running and that Kirin deserves it for doing such a good job. Please do use the image above and link it to wherever you like (here, OSH's website, your blog, wherever). If you click on it, it will take you to Picasa where you have options to link to the picture.

Thank you

On behalf of the free RPG community, thank you for voting for Old School Hack. We're a niche of a niche but it is wonderful to see one of our number receive global recognition for their hard work and philanthropy.

* Layout still troubles me. I've not slept. I know I'm in the tiny minority on that matter. Perhaps even by myself.


Ikaros said...

thanks for the info.

Jensan said...

Vote cast!

Rob Lang said...

Thanks for your support everyone! :-)

shekhar said...

very nice blog

Ikaros said...

Old School Hack is pure gold!!!

The Bard said...

Nice post!
Look this blog too.. About RPG tales, writen in portuguese, but very cool