Tuesday 19 May 2009

News: Vikings, fantasy, podcast, one page dungeons and 24 hour lunacy

There is nought more delighting than Free RPGs that are still supported by their authors. In this post, I look at the recently revised: Midgard and Dominion Rules; both expanded, polished and improved. I point you toward Here be Gamers a podcast with a philanthropic bent. I cast an eye onto the 1 page dungeon contest and the PDF that will result and update on the 1KM1KT 24 Hour contest and the entries so far.

Midgard Updated

Midgard is a atmospheric viking game with a smart system that makes you feel like you're crouched around a fire in a wattle-and-daub hut casting stones into a pit to divine the future. I reviewed it in January 2009 and since then have nagged its author, Ben Redmond, to give it a setting. Now it has and a new cover and some other tightened sections. Hurrah! Ben is also experimenting with an at-cost Lulu print on demand version too.

Dominion Rules Updated

The Mysterious Anonymous Benefactor (MAB), who will remain anonymous (even to me) has produced a sparkling new version of the Dominion Rules (3.1). Do not be fooled by the "point one" on the version number. There is lots of new content and revisions to the rules. when I reviewed Dominion I felt it needed a setting and to a certain extent, I still do. However, it is a superb rule compost on which to grow your homebrew low-fantasy/historic setting.

Here Be Gamers podcast reviews free games

Around the other side of the planet from me are two Australian gentlemen who run the Here Be Gamers Podcast. It's a laid back (please excuse the racial stereotyping) and jolly affair where Marty and Nathan extol their gaming habits hobby onto the world in the form of a podcast. Nathan has a penchant for free roleplaying games (and has written a few) and has taken on the admirable task of reviewing one each episode. A free podcast with a free RPG section? Was there ever a more philanthropic pursuit? I'd recommend listening to the whole lot as it is the sort of podcast where you end up feeling like Marty and Nathan are your mates down the pub, even though they're not. Making you a form of net stalker. Do it for that shoddy justification if no other reason!

One to watch out for: PDF of 1 Page Dungeons

You may have noticed the One Page Dungeon Contest, which is nearly at a close (21st May 08:00 EST). The aim is to create an entire dungeon on a single page of US Letter paper. The part where you get excited is now. All of these submitted dungeons, the good, the bad and the ugly are going to be compiled into a single PDF and available for free download. Fabulous! A PDF of 70 (or more) dungeons for you to use, crib from or just laugh at! It's going to be brilliant and definitely one to watch for. I'll be posting my dungeon entry toward the end of the week.

1KM1KT/FRPGB 24 Hour RPG Contest

The contest is going great guns. We're about halfway through and there are already some superb free 24 hour RPGs. I cannot review just yet, seeing as I am a judge but I certainly will review the best after the end of the competition. Here are the entries so far:

You have until the end of June to have a go. Just pop along to 1KM1KT's Community and check out the rules. If the monkey judges at 1KM1KT like your game a lot, you might win £30 in Amazon Vouchers. Imagine that!

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