Saturday 12 February 2011

24 Hour RPG Movie Mashup Competition

Welcome to the 2011 24 Hour RPG Movie Mashup Competition! Hosted at 1KM1KT and sponsored by The Free RPG Blog.

If you want a chance to win the £30, here's what you need to do:

1. Pick just two films from this.

1. Ghostbusters
2. West Side Story
3. Aliens
4. The Lion King
5. Star Wars
6. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
7. Enter the Dragon
8. A Clockwork Orange
9. Beatle Juice
10. Back to the Future
11. Apocalypse Now
12. Blade Runner
13. Dr. Strangelove
14. Dawn of the Dead
15. Blues Brothers
16. From Dusk till Dawn
17. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly (any of the Dollars Trilogy)
18. 2001 a Space Odyssey
19. The Hunt for Red October
20. Aladdin
21. Mars Attacks
22. One Flew Over the Cuckoo Nest
23. Groundhog Day
24. Little Shop of Horrors
25. Falling Down
26. The Shawshank Redemption
27. Evil Dead
28. Wall-E
29. The Sound of Music
30. Indiana Jones (any of them except the Crystal Skull)
31. 1984
32. Robin Hood (any of them)
33. The Maltese Falcon
34. Bugsy Malone
35. Home Alone
36. Independence Day
37. Zulu
38. Dambusters
39. Dark City
40. Dumbo

2. Post on 24 Hour RPG forum which two films you've chosen.

3. Spend 24 hours writing a roleplaying game on those two films.

4. Make sure you include an NPC called Keeton in your game.

5. Upload your game to 1KM1KT by 00:00 (GMT) 1st June 2011.

6. Make a thread here on 1KM1KT about your game.

(Optional but we'd like you to, please put 2011 at the start of the topic.)

7. Check back on Saturday 1st of August 2011 find out who the winner is, or check here on The Free RPG Blog.

What are the rules?

Apart from the list above, you must obey the 24 hour RPG rules. The judge's decision is final. £30 will be in Amazon vouchers, emailed to you.

I want the £30 to pay my D&D habit! What is it judged on?

Poor you! Our panel of monkeys will be judging you on:
  • Must include an NPC called Keeton
  • Proximity: How close to the two films is it?
  • Complete: Is it complete? Could you run it?
  • Attractive: Is it attractive to look at?
  • Professional: How much effort went into layout and style?
  • Extras: Did they include actual cover, index, character sheet or any other cool things you get in a proper RPG?

I'm late to this party!

That's a shame, we might run another competition soon. If you wrote a 24 hour RPG but didn't get it in before 00:00 GMT 1st June 2011 then we'd still like to see it.

I want to do it again!

Enjoyed it so much that you want another go? Are you bonkers? Yes? Then please do! Have another go. Enter as many times as you like! I'm not paying for the therapy you might need at the end of it, though. ;)


Adam Dickstein said...

Intrigued, never done one of these bother, definitely considering it. My only question is...June?! How do you know it took 24 hours to make if it isn't due in 24 hours?

I mean, not every one has my Superman like sense of right and wrong. ;)

Rob Lang said...

It is a good comment, Barking Alien. I'd like to think we could tell but I don't think we would! We just trust that the sort of people who would submit a roleplaying game for free are the same sort of people who would stick to the rules.

Glad you're tempted. Temptation is the first step toward doing it.

Andy Hauge said...


I'm definitely doing this. Not now, of course, but I'll keep it on the radar. I have an idea boiling as to the two movies I'd mash up.

Rob Lang said...

Carpe Guitarrem, you'll be most welcome to come aboard the good ship no-sleep-hammer-out-a-game!

Anonymous said...

do you mind if i cross post on my meager lesser-read blog?


Jensan said...

Definitely interested, will try to get my good friend to do it too!

Rob Lang said...

Jensan, I am looking forward to what you come up with already! Your writing on Rustfoot is superb!

StephenMeansMe said...

Dumbo and Lion King make for hilarious mashups with nearly everything else.

Lion King + Blade Runner
Dumbo + One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

Yeah. The second one might be creepy-doable. Circus animals struggling to stay sane in a turn-of-the-century carnival? Eek.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

I'm sad Labyrinth isn't on there. I'd like to see a game based on, say, that and A Clockwork Orange, or Ghostbusters.

C'nor (Outermost_Toe) said...

Or Blade Runner... (Missed it the first time around.)

Rob Lang said...

Stephen - I agree. Disney mashups are going to be wild!

C'Nor - Alas our little list is missing many greats. However, to keep the competition tight, we needed to keep the list relatively short. There is a fun aspect to seeing two games made from similar elements. I am expecting lots of Ghostbuster mashups! ;-)

Shahan said...

I think I might have a go at this! I have a solid idea of what films I'll be using.

Great blog, followed.

Take a look at mine sometime, it is rather similar:

Adam Dickstein said...

My own longtime obsession with the Muppets and recent (all of March) work on a homebrew Muppets RPG makes me wish at least one Henson film was included.

Come'on guys! No Muppet Movie? OK. But no Labyrinth or Dark Crystal. Dang.