Saturday 7 May 2011

How I ended my campaign - with a free campaign comic

My last Icar campaign was a lot of fun. Although still Sci Fi, the characters were low powered drop outs from society. The players kept the campaign rolling along, often by random acts of violence and a good time was had by all.

I had remembered reading a Gnome Stew article the year before about ending the campaign on purpose and as the game came to a close, I decided to mark the end with a surprise comic depicting the campaign as a whole and then having a wrap party (dinner at an Italian restaurant). It took me a good couple of months to do (in the evenings and weekends), finishing off the book just as the players completed the game. This seemed fitting for a campaign where the characters would often get the munchies at the worst possible time and demand lemon cake. And the players too, come to think of it.

I like to pull the book out to remember the stories of the campaign and I know it was appreciated by the players too: a happy memento from two years worth of gaming. Now you can have it too.

Download it from Google Docs

Have you ever done anything to wrap up a campaign? Let us know in the comments...


Jaap de Goede said...


Good to see that you're still around, and indeed gaming, as a young father. Nice campaign doc :-)

My campaigns, once they end, usually develop into whole new ones... having a special dinner to mark the end is a great idea tho.

Have a look at the Dark Dungeon Vaults at

Greets Jaap de Goede

Nathan said...

What an awesome way to end a campaign, thank your players and memorialise their character's exploits!

Top work, Mr Lang!

Rob Lang said...

Thanks chaps! If you find it doesn't make much sense, it's me, not you!

I am still around - balancing everything between keeping 1km1kt alive and writing Icar. Icar is coming along leaps and bounds!

Farsight Blogger said...

Stupendous, Rob. I wish I'd had the patience and talent to do something like that as I've all but forgotten the games I used to run. Superb.

Rob Lang said...

Ah, Mr Hicks. You are too modest. Do not forget I read your blog! You can remember what you were doing 20 years ago. Your memoirs are a delight and should definitely be dramatised. If it wasn't for excellent book-keeping, I would not be able to remember any of it.