Friday 29 October 2010

Cyberpunk Revival Project Entries and Winner

The Cyberpunk Revival Project is complete and we have a winner. A big well done and thank you to all those that took part on the 1KM1KT Forum and to the mastermind of it all, Gordon McKerrel. I think you'll agree that the outpouring of imaginative re-imagining of Cyberpunk hails the competition as a great success. The 1KM1KT judges of Gordon, Jason, Elliot and I fought for our favourites and Metropole Luxury Coffin stood head and shoulders above the others. For the other authors needing feedback, I'll be reviewing a few of the entries and will pass on my notes to the others.

I urge you to peruse the entries below and please do download the wonderful Metropole Luxury Coffin.

Winner: Metropole Luxury Coffin by Graham MacLean

Set in a capsule hotel, Metropole Luxury Coffin is the home for the dregs of society. As players, you plan to escape the cramp boarding house. A focused game that is beautifully presented. I'll say no more because I will be reviewing it soon!

Cyberpunk Remix by Justin Margulski

A near future game where all the technology we were promised in the 1950s comes true. The majority of the population are boring carbon copies of each other whereas player characters are important and different. Superb writing and ideas forthing with ideas such as "where mutant rats build temples to Mickey Mouse in the sewers".

Disgensia by Aldo Ojeda Campos

Set in an enormous utopian Mega-complex, Disgensia substitutes mutations for Cyber. Imperfections and malformed humans are hated by normal society and the corporations. As characters you either fight against or for corporations. There's a slick system picked out with superb graphics created by the author. Doubly impressive as English is not Aldo's first language.

FUBAR by Michael Wenman

Although not laced with Cyberpunkitude, FUBAR is a focussed game of betrayal and revenge. The art layout is bold and atmospheric, it has grit and is very well written. You could take the principles of FUBAR and apply it to any genre. The ideas are big and broad, the final PDF beautiful.

Ghettopocolypse by Jonathan Janssen and Otis Johnson

Akira as an 1970s exploitation film, Ghettopocolypse is delightful roleplaying filth set in a gritty underworld. A pulp, tongue in cheek setting a few notches more gritty than Neuromancer. The writing is immersive, graphics evocative and although somewhat familiar, it offers a new take.

Last Res0rt by Rachel Keslensky

Based on the Last Res0rt web comic, this lite roleplaying game encapsulates the Last Res0rt in a charming package. Interesting races and wonderful graphics feel more Sci Fi than Cyberpunk but as a game wrapper for the comic, it does a great job.

Nanopunk by Kris Green

Sinister corporations have stepped in after an economic and ecological global collapse. Their solution was technological: infusing every human with nanobots that keep us healthy. Your characters play a few generations on where nanobots are part of humanity. You operate in or against the all powerful corporations. Great descriptions of nanotech and its feels a lot like the film Equilbrium.

Technogrammaton by Andrew Peregrine

The world is dominated by the Islamic faith, having branched from our history two thousand years ago. Although not complete, there is enough setting to play. A thoughtful take on Islam creates a believable and fascinating projection. I can only hope Andrew finished it.

Truth Inc. by Jason Petrasko

A blend of near-future technologies wraps the single powerful corporation of Truth Inc. The aim of is for the characters to uncover one of the evil plots Truth Inc. is up to. Lively and humorous writing gives the game a fresh and welcome attitude.

Where have you been hiding, Lang?

Hospital to have my gallbladder out (never very serious but just protracted) and then I moved house! Everything is settling down so I can start creating again. Good to be back? You betcha!


Aldo Ojeda said...

Great! Thanks for the post and great entries everyone. When is the next contest? ;P

Ben Van Sickle said...

I'm glad that everything went well. I stumbled upon your blog about a year ago and have been diligently checking my rss feed for updates ever since. Looking forward to upcoming reviews.

Vulpinoid said...

Maybe I should have upped the wattage on the Cyberpunkitude...

More genres for FUBAR coming soon.

clash bowley said...

Hey, Rob! Great to hear you're back! I've been coming here almost every day to poke at the site and feel sad...

Hope you are feeling much better!


Gordon said...

well done everyone, great contest!

Glen Garner said...

These are looking like some great games! I'll have to check out the whole library you've got. I'm a big fan of free RPG downloads -- I find they're usually more enjoyable than their commercial counterparts.


Krathognis said...

These all look awesome. It's great to see so many people dedicated to creating high quality accessible content.

Rachel Keslensky said...

Finally found this post - thanks for the kind words on Last Res0rt! I should update it...