Wednesday 2 September 2009

Welcome to guest blogger Jason Kline, The Chainsaw Aardvark

I would like to introduce you all to Jason Kline (aka Chainsaw Aardvark), who will be helping me by reviewing sporadically here on The Free RPG Blog. Jason's credentials are excellent and somewhat familiar: he is a moderator on the 1KM1KT forums, was a judge in the 24 Hour Competition and has been supportive to free RPG authors for years.

Jason bests me in number of games produced (although has more in the wings, I feel). You can get a feel for his writing on 1KM1KT but being the kind soul I am, I've done the hard work for you (no need to thank me). Here's a short list of his games on 1KM1KT.

Many thanks for coming to help in my time of need, Jason! I am sure the readers will be thrilled to have more reviews. Jason's first review will be Adventurer, which will be posted tomorrow.

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